Tom Roarty is a New York City-based award winning, Art/Creative Director with more than 25 years of experience spanning print, digital, video production, photography, copywriting and social media campaign development. Currently Tom works for Scholastic Inc. as an Art Director/Social Video Producer, which is quite a different environment from his casino work with Mohegan Sun and the pharmaceutical work he created for Pfizer.

One of his biggest driving factors related to his professional life is the need to learn emerging technologies — and master existing ones.

For that reason, much of Tom’s free time is spent co-hosting and producing the weekly “High Regard Show” podcast and taking classes to continue excelling within the creative industry. His most recent educational endeavors consists of Hands-On Television Production Techniques, Social Media Campaign Development and Comedy Writing.

Some of his clients over the years include:

  • American Express
    Campaign Design
  • AT&T Corporate
    Web Design
  • Ben & Jerry’s
    App Design • Video Production • Social Media Promotions
  • FOX Networks
    Presentation Design • Web Design
  • Hamptons Magazine
    Publication Design
  • ITT
    Annual Report Design
  • Land O’ Lakes
    Web Design • Annual Report Design
  • Mohegan Sun
    Web Design • App Design • Video Production • Premiums Design • Social Media Promotions
  • Monster.com
    Web Design • Print Campaign Design
  • Pfizer
    Print Design • Web Design • Video Production • Social Media Promotions
  • Rolling Stone
    Publication Design • Campaign Design • Advertising Design
  • Scholastic Inc.
    Print Design • Web Design • App Design • Video Production • Premiums Design • Social Media Promotions
  • Sony
    Print Design • Campaign Design
  • The History Channel
    Web Design
  • Time, Inc.
    Web Design • Social Media Promotions

For fun, Tom likes to watch movies and photograph the city, and you might even spot him at an open mic night trying out some new comedic material — proving he is most comfortable outside of his comfort zone!